Virus removal

Virus and spyware infections are very common. 90% of PC’s and laptop have some form of infection  in them that largely remains undetected untill its too late.

Surfing the internet without proper Antivirus protection is  asking for trouble. Only being online for a few min a day does not mean you are safe. However, there is no single antivirus available that is 100% safe against infection. Putting more than one Antivirus on a computer can also cause as much problems as the different Antivirus will likely fight each other over detected infections.

So, what can you do when you have an infection?

If you suspect you have an infection, disconnect your computer from the internet. This limits the external damage it causes by the infection trying to spread to everyone you know. Failing to disconnect can also mean some nice person is ordering something expensive on your credit card.

Bring your computer to the workshop as soon as possible. the longer you run your computer with an infection, the greater the risk of you loosing your data, and in some cases, loosing your PC or laptop completely due to excessive damage to the hard drive.

Why cant you get the virus removed in your home ?

Well, its possible to run a quick scan on a computer that will kill the active virus, but this will in most cases only lead to you being re infected in a few days time. Most modern infections  stem from an infected file which installs the virus on your PC. If you cant find that file, you will be infected again soon. A quick scan will not detect  the hidden parts of the virus. Deep scans take hours to run. so to save you cash, its more economical for you that its done in the workshop. This way your only paying for the time I’m actually spending at your PC, and not for the hours I would be sitting in your house waiting for the Scans  to complete on your computer.